Friday, April 20, 2012

Eye Candy

My family and I drove to Connecticut from FL for a vacation last December. While we were there we went poking around the Goodwill Outlet store and found this wooden chair for only $0.99 (that's the price of a candy bar!!) I couldn't pass it up (along with some very vintage luggage), so our souvenir from our trip was this chair. And it sat in my craft room for 4 long months before I even looked in its direction. Until today.

I had this cushion laying around and I wanted this chair to have something softer for the landing so I decided to make a cover for it and I knew I wanted it to be a chevron pattern because I'm a chevron virgin!!

I made a quick stop to Hobby Lobby for the chevron fabric. The sales lady told me that is was a brand new bolt they had received yesterday. I was practically gushing over the fabric. She also told me that my 1/2 yard was the first cut!!

I headed home with Krylon spray paint in Ocean Breeze and my new fabric. I started out spray painting the chair but that was an epic fail. The paint came out sputtering, splatting and in a very uneven pattern. After I gave it 100% attempt at making it work, I decided that I hated the color and I wanted something more muted. After digging around in my shed, I found the perfect shade in the blue family.

This is my finished almost finished product. I just need to spray a protective finish, but it started raining, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Isn't she eye candy?


  1. I just bought a drop leaf table that has four of these almost exact chairs. I am working on revamping the table, but really didn't know what to do with the chairs because they seem like a lot of work. What kind of paint did you end up using? This post is really inspiring me to get my project done.

    Oh and I am stopping by from a Better After feature and I am definitely following your blog now because this is one cute new blog and I can't wait for more projects.

  2. Hello and welcome Iuliana! Thank you for the wonderful compliments. I get inspiration from other peoples blogs all the time to get me moving in the right direction on a project. The paint I used was a flat interior paint (which I regret now, I would have painted it a semi gloss if I could go back, but I already had the paint on hand) and I sealed it with a spray sealant. Good luck on your project.


  3. I just saw your chair on Pinterest ~ it's so LOVELY ~ I'm a sucker for the blue and the grey chevron is perfect with it! Nice hustle!